Performance Evaluation & Measurement of E-Business/ERP Systems


Packaged applications are being widely adopted at midand large-size companies to automate both internal and business-to-business processes. E-Business/ERP implementations are usually part of a broader enterprise computing effort involving the integration of Web, server and host-based applications. In many cases, EBusiness/ERP systems constitute the engine upon which new business processes are deployed. These business transactions are essential elements in the drive to deploy new products and services an support new customer relationship management efforts.With so much resting on these systems, it's imperative that they operate at peak performance. IT departments need to adopt measurements for tracking the performance of their E-Business/ERP applications both during implementation and production phases of operation. Companies that deploy these complex, multiapplication business applications must continually adjust them to meet performance and capacity demands as the system scales. The rate with which these applications are deployed by organizations, the pace at which data grows and the size of the user population contribute to the type of system and network infrastructure required. These factors also influence the application architecture adopted to support large-scale EBusiness/ERP deployments.

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