Performance Enhancement of Actively Controlled Hybrid DC Microgrid Incorporating Pulsed Load

  title={Performance Enhancement of Actively Controlled Hybrid DC Microgrid Incorporating Pulsed Load},
  author={Mustafa Farhadi and Osama A. Mohammed},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications},
In this paper, a new energy control scheme is proposed for actively controlled hybrid dc microgrid to reduce the adverse impact of pulsed power loads. The proposed energy control is an adaptive current-voltage control (ACVC) scheme based on the moving average measurement technique and an adaptive proportional compensator. Unlike conventional energy control methods, the proposed ACVC approach has the advantage of controlling both the voltage and current of the system while keeping the output… Expand
Model Predictive Control of DC–DC Converters to Mitigate the Effects of Pulsed Power Loads in Naval DC Microgrids
This paper proposes the design of optimal and robust coordinated controller of hybrid energy storage system in a naval dc microgrid (MG) application. It is able to mitigate the negative effects ofExpand
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A Novel Virtual Resistor and Capacitor Droop Control for HESS in Medium-Voltage DC System
A novel virtual resistor and capacitor droop (VRCD) control is first proposed for HESS including battery, supercapacitor, and flywheel that enables the generator and multiple types of energy storages with different characteristics to respond to multiple-frequency unbalanced power. Expand
Analysis and design of a sustainable microgrid primarily powered by renewable energy sources with dynamic performance improvement
Sustainable microgrid primarily powered by renewable energy sources is a recent concept to fulfill the pledge of delivering reliable power supply for upcoming power systems. This study presents aExpand
Model Predictive Control for Dual-Active-Bridge Converters Supplying Pulsed Power Loads in Naval DC Micro-Grids
A moving discretized control set model predictive control (MDCS-MPC) is proposed and applied on a dual-active-bridge converter to address pulsed power loads in medium-voltage naval dc micro-grids. Expand
Pulsed power load effect mitigation in DC shipboard microgrids: a constrained modelpredictive approach
Real-time model-in- the-loop (MiL) results show the performance improvements in the transient and steady-state obtained by the proposed control method compared to the state-of-the-art methods. Expand
A battery/supercapacitor hybrid energy storage system for DC microgrids
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Modeling and Control of a Low-Speed Flywheel Driving System for Pulsed-Load Mitigation in DC Distribution Networks
This paper details the modeling and development of an improved controller design for a dc flywheel energy storage system (FESS) driving circuit that shows the accuracy of the derived model and the enhanced performance of the FESS. Expand
Analysis of Operation Characteristics of a Diesel Generator Set with Constant-Power Pulsed Load
To improve the power quality of a diesel generator set with a pulsed load in a microgrid, the operation characteristics of the system were studied and qualification conditions for the diesel generators set in an actual project were proposed. Expand
Modeling and control of a low speed flywheel driving system for pulsed load mitigation in DC distribution networks
This paper introduces the modeling and an improved controller design for a driving system for a DC Flywheel Energy Storage System (FESS). The Driving system is based on a Bi-directional Buck-BoostExpand


Real-Time Operation and Harmonic Analysis of Isolated and Non-Isolated Hybrid DC Microgrid
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An Adaptive Control System for a DC Microgrid for Data Centers
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Connectivity and Bidirectional Energy Transfer in DC Microgrid Featuring Different Voltage Characteristics
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Reactive Power Coordination of Shipboard Power Systems in Presence of Pulsed Loads
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Power enhancement of an actively controlled battery/ultracapacitor hybrid
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Laboratory-Based Smart Power System, Part II: Control, Monitoring, and Protection
A control system based on wide area measurements and the interaction of a dc microgrid involving sustainable energy sources with the main ac grid have been implemented and presented. Expand
DC distribution for industrial systems: opportunities and challenges
  • M. Baran, N. Mahajan
  • Engineering
  • IEEE Technical Conference Industrial and Commerical Power Systems
  • 2002
This paper investigates the opportunities and chal- lenges associated with adopting a dc distribution scheme for indus- trial power systems. A prototype dc distribution system has been simulated toExpand
Super-Capacitor Stacks Management System With Dynamic Equalization Techniques
A switched-capacitor equalization approach is adopted showing a low-cost way to meet the accuracy requirements and the algorithm to increase the operation speed and the precision is analyzed. Expand