Performance Comparison of Android Dalvik and Java Virtual Machines

  title={Performance Comparison of Android Dalvik and Java Virtual Machines},
  author={Jonghyuk Lee and Hyungshin Kim},
  journal={The Korea Academia-Industrial cooperation Society},
In this paper we analyzed performance of Andriod's Davik virtual machine(VM) using standard benchmark and compared the result with the embedded Java virtual machine. We used a well known benchmark suit named SPECJVM for the measurement. For the fair comparison, Sun Java embedded JVM is ported and the same benchmark is ported on it. The Odriod smartphone hardware platform is used as the target hardware. We have added a Just-In-Time compiler to Dalvik, which is not supported in the recent Android… 


Java Runtime Systems: Characterization and Architectural Implications
The architectural issues explored in this study show that, when Java applications are executed with a JIT compiler, selective translation using good heuristics can improve performance, but the saving is only 10-15 percent at best, and reveals revealing insights and architectural proposals for designing an efficient Java runtime system.
Design and implementation of a comprehensive real-time java virtual machine
Measurements are presented showing that the IBM's new real-time Java virtual machine product is able to provide sub-millisecond worst-case garbage collection latencies, 50 microsecond Linux scheduling accuracy, and eliminate non-determinism due to JIT compilation.
Overview of the IBM Java Just-in-Time Compiler
The design and implementation of several optimizations and techniques included in the latest IBM JavaTM Just-in-Time (JIT) Compiler are presented, including code generation techniques targeting Intel architectures, and the effectiveness of the individual optimizations is described.
Adaptive optimization in the Jalapeño JVM
The architecture of the Jalapeño Adaptive Optimization System, a system to support leading-edge virtual machine technology and enable ongoing research on online feedback-directed optimizations, is presented, based on a federation of threads with asynchronous communication.
Adaptive optimization in the Jalapeño
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