Performance Appraisal in Indian Bureaucracy: Need for Systemic Reforms

  • Mohan S. Kashikar
  • Published 2013


This paper explores the performance appraisal system in government in India and suggests some systemic reforms. The system of performance appraisal in India is a tool of control rather than of development. It is vague, subjective, control-oriented, cumbersome, sometimes biased and devoid of basic guidelines. It is suggested that the performance appraisal system should follow two-in-one objective – development of the policies and programmes through optimization of performance and potentialities of the officers. Secondly, it should be future-oriented rather than merely control-oriented. There should be proper classification of the bureaucracy as per the level and separate forms should be devised for each category. All forms, however, should invariably contain some common components – record of critical incidents, self-assessment component and report of potentialities. There should be clear guidelines for all

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