Performance Analysis and Validation of a Paracatadioptric Omnistereo System

  title={Performance Analysis and Validation of a Paracatadioptric Omnistereo System},
  author={Xiaojin Gong and Anbumani Subramanian and Christopher L. Wyatt and Daniel J. Stilwell},
  journal={2007 IEEE 11th International Conference on Computer Vision},
In this paper we present a vector-based 3D localization formula for a paracatadioptric omnistereo system. Based on vector representation, the performance of this stereo system is analyzed numerically, including the maximum detectable range and the uncertainty of 3D localization, with respect to the flexible stereo configuration of the system, positions of scene points, as well as errors in correspondence matching and errors in stereo configuration. The results of performance analysis are used… CONTINUE READING


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