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Performance & Comparison Analysis of Indirect Vector Control of Three Phase Induction Motor

  title={Performance \& Comparison Analysis of Indirect Vector Control of Three Phase Induction Motor},
  author={Rakesh Singh Lodhi and Payal Thakur},
The objective of this paper to provide the precise solution for speed control of three phase induction motor for high speed variable speed drives. In this paper, Implementation of indirect vector control induction motor drive has been developed, which provide quick torque & good dynamic responses near zero speed & high speed. The simulation result of IVCIMD shows four quadrant operation of drive. The performance of indirect vector control induction motor drive is enhanced using different… Expand
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Control of indirect field-oriented induction motor drives considering the effects of dead-time and parameter variations
  • F. Lin, C. Liaw
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Ind. Electron.
  • 1993
A dead-time compensator and a model-following controller are proposed to enhance the robustness of the two-degree-of-freedom speed controller to improve the performance of the closed-loop controlled plant. Expand
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