Performance, proximate and mineral analyses of African giant land snail ( Archachatina marginata ) fed different nitrogen sources

  title={Performance, proximate and mineral analyses of African giant land snail ( Archachatina marginata ) fed different nitrogen sources},
  author={Kehinde Olutoyin Ademolu},
  journal={African Journal of Biotechnology},
  • K. Ademolu
  • Published 31 August 2004
  • Biology
  • African Journal of Biotechnology
The effect of different nitrogen sources in the diets offered to caged African giant land snail, Archachatina marginata , was investigated in a six months experiment. Four experimental diets I, II, III and IV containing soybean, fishmeal, poultry dropping and urea as the only nitrogen source, respectively were formulated. Diet V (Pawpaw leaves) served as the control. Growth parameters (weight gain, feed intake, shell length gain and shell circumference gain), hemolymph and flesh minerals and… 

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Preliminary investigation of growth performance of giant land snail (Archachatina marginata) fed with selected household wastes
The result of the study showed that higher growth performance for all parameters for Archachatina marginata was favoured by guinea corn bran (diet C) while paw-paw leaves (d diet A) had the least for all the parameters.
Nutritional Composition of African Giant Land Snail (Archachatina marginata) Fed on Diet from Different Protein Sources
It was concluded that thesnails fed on diet from different protein sources such as blood meal, fish meal and soya bean meal had higher crude protein content and also performed better than the snails fed with only leaves such as pawpaw leaves and pumpkin leaves.
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The rational for the study was to investigate the combined effect of dietary protein (CP) and energy levels on the performance of a species of African giant land snail: Achatina achatina. Two hundred
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The results showed that the highest foot weight was observed in snails fed diet I, associated with relatively high live weight and highly reduced offal weight, which makes it comparatively better in improving carcass.
Biochemical and Nutritional Composition of Giant African Land Snail ( Archachatina marginata ) from Southwest Nigeria
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The survival of snails has been associated with the microclimate variables of their environment. Therefore, a comparative analysis of the biochemical composition of the haemolymph, mineral and
Effects of three leafy vegetables on the growth performance of Giant African Snail Achatina (Lissachatina) fulica
The study clearly showed that the tested vegetables can be successfully utilised as diets for rearing of A. fulica and Telfairia occidentalis and Carica papaya leaves are recommended in the dietary menus of snails while bitter leaf can successfully serve as an alternative to the other leaves.
Nutritional analysis of the albumen gland of giant African land snail (Archachatina marginata) from six Southwest states, Nigeria
Nutritional analysis of the albumen gland of giant African land snail (Archachatina marginata) from six Southwest states, Nigeria shows clear trends in growth and decline in males and females, respectively.


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