Perfluorocarbon emulsion in the cardiopulmonary bypass prime reduces neurologic injury.

  title={Perfluorocarbon emulsion in the cardiopulmonary bypass prime reduces neurologic injury.},
  author={Richard P. Cochran and Karyn S. Kunzelman and Craig R Vocelka and Hiroji Akimoto and Robert R Thomas and Louise O Soltow and Bruce D. Spiess},
  journal={The Annals of thoracic surgery},
  volume={63 5},
BACKGROUND Perfluorocarbon emulsion has proved beneficial in the prevention and amelioration of experimental air embolism. We examined whether the addition of perfluorocarbon to the prime solution could lead to a reduction in the incidence and severity of neurologic injury after the formation of a massive air embolism during cardiopulmonary bypass. METHODS Fourteen pigs underwent bypass in which either a crystalloid prime solution or a perfluorocarbon prime solution (10 mL/kg) was used. Ten… CONTINUE READING
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