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Perfil das notificações de incidentes analisados pela Comissão de Qualidade e Segurança Pediátrica (s-COMSEQ Pediatria)

  title={Perfil das notificaç{\~o}es de incidentes analisados pela Comiss{\~a}o de Qualidade e Segurança Pedi{\'a}trica (s-COMSEQ Pediatria)},
  author={Caroline Maier Predebon and Silvana Cristina da Silva and Fabiane Souza Olaves and Karen Jeanne Cantarelli Kantorski and Eva N{\'e}ri Rubim Pedro and Wiliam Wegner},
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Perceptions and knowledges about Pediatric Patient safety
Students' conceptions of technical courses on pediatric patient safety are investigated and situations that favour the insecure care in pediatric units are investigated, in order to contribute to the teaching of the safety in the nursing care to the hospitalized child and to the health education to the workers of pediatric units.