Perfectionism is multidimensional: a reply to Shafran, Cooper and Fairburn.

  title={Perfectionism is multidimensional: a reply to Shafran, Cooper and Fairburn.},
  author={Paul L Hewitt and Gordon L. Flett and Amnon Besser and Simon B. Sherry and BENJAMIN MCGEE},
  journal={Behaviour research and therapy},
  volume={41 10},
provided a cognitive-behavioural analysis of perfectionism that focused primarily on self-oriented perfectionism. They argued against studying perfectionism from a multidimensional perspective that they regard as inconsistent with prior work on perfectionism as a self-oriented phenomenon. We respond to by offering historical, empirical, and theoretical support for the usefulness and the importance of a multidimensional model of perfectionism involving both intrapersonal processes and… CONTINUE READING

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