Perfect images of generalized ordered spaces

  title={Perfect images of generalized ordered spaces},
  author={Gary Gruenhage and David Lutzer},
  journal={Fundamenta Mathematicae},
We study the class of perfect images of generalized ordered (GO) spaces, which we denote by PIGO. Mary Ellen Rudin’s celebrated result characterizing compact monotonically normal spaces as the continuous images of compact linearly ordered spaces implies that every space with a monotonically normal compactification is in PIGO. But PIGO is wider: every metrizable space is in the class, but not every metrizable space has a monotonically normal compactification. On the other hand, a locally compact… 
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Ordered spaces with special bases
We study the roles played by four special types of bases (weakly uniform bases, ω-in-ω bases, open-in-finite bases, and sharp bases) in the classes of linearly ordered and generalized ordered spaces.
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Two types of pseudo-bases, σ-disjoint and σ-discrète, are utilized in this note. In the next section, we show that a first countable Hausdorff space has a σ-disjoint pseudo-base if and only if it has
A note on paracompactness in generalized ordered spaces
In this paper, we show that for generalized ordered spaces, paracompactness is equivalent to Property D, where a space X is said to have Property D if, given any collection {G(x) : x ∈ X} of open