Perfect Me

  title={Perfect Me},
  author={Heather Widdows},
What’s wrong with everyday lookism?
Everyday lookism, by which I mean the widespread practice of commenting upon and judging the appearance of others, is often regarded as morally troubling. But when, and why, is it morally
Does One Size Fit All? Branding Strategies for Plus-Size Labels in the Fashion Industry
Purpose: With increasing obesity rates and the change of beauty ideals within society, the plus-size fashion market currently enjoys a massive upturn and many established fashion retailers realise
The association of childhood abuse and neglect with tattoos and piercings in the population: evidence from a representative community survey
Background Tattoos and piercings are becoming increasingly popular in many countries around the world. Individuals seeking such body modifications have reported diverse psychological motives. Besides
What do Italian healthcare professionals think about orthorexia nervosa? Results from a multicenter survey
The survey suggests that the scientific community still seems split between those who consider ON as a separate disorder and those who do not, and disadvantages and advantages of giving ON its own diagnosis should be balanced.
‘I’m Just Stating a Preference!’ Lookism in Online Dating Profiles
Abstract This paper considers the potentially wrongful discriminatory nature of certain of our dating preferences. It argues that the wrongfulness of such preferences lies primarily in the simple
Starving to death and the anorexic frame of mind
  • J. Radden
  • Psychology
    Transcultural psychiatry
  • 2022
Although opaque, typical motivational frames of mind in anorexia nervosa lack the apparent cognitive and volitional dysfunction usually indicating disorder, this distinguishes AN from the perspective of medical epistemology.
Being watched and feeling judged on social media
ABSTRACT This short paper reports on research I conducted in 2020/21 with a diverse group of young people living in the UK. The research is interested in multiple aspects of “life on my phone” and is