Perfect Derived Categories of Positively Graded DG Algebras


We investigate the perfect derived category dgPer(A) of a positively graded differential graded (dg) algebra A whose degree zero part is a dg subalgebra and semisimple as a ring. We introduce an equivalent subcategory of dgPer(A) whose objects are easy to describe, define a t-structure on dgPer(A) and study its heart. We show that dgPer(A) is a Krull… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/s10485-010-9221-4


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@article{Schnrer2011PerfectDC, title={Perfect Derived Categories of Positively Graded DG Algebras}, author={Olaf M. Schn{\"{u}rer}, journal={Applied Categorical Structures}, year={2011}, volume={19}, pages={757-782} }