Perenniporiopsis, a New Polypore Genus Segregated from Perenniporia (Polyporales)

  title={Perenniporiopsis, a New Polypore Genus Segregated from Perenniporia (Polyporales)},
  author={Ziqiang Wu and Wei-li Liu and Zheng-Hui Wang and Changlin Zhao},
  journal={Cryptogamie, Mycologie},
  pages={285 - 299}
Abstract Perenniporiopsis gen. nov. is described to accommodate Perenniporiopsis minutissima spec. et comb. nov. Phylogenetic analyses based on two data sets, [ITS+n28S nrRNA] and [ITS, n28S, mtSSU, tef1], and using Maximum Parsimony, Maximum Likelihood and Bayesian inferences, showed that specimens of Perenniporia minutissima form a monophyletic well-supported clade within the core polyporoid clade, The new genus grouped with the Abundisporus, Perenniporiella and Perenniporia s.s. lineages… 
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