Perdeuterated cyanobiphenyl liquid crystals for infrared applications

  title={Perdeuterated cyanobiphenyl liquid crystals for infrared applications},
  author={Shin-Tson Wua and Qiong-Hua Wang and Michael D. Kempe and Julia Ann Kornfield},
Perdeuterated 4’-pentyl-4-cyanobiphenyl ~D5CB! was synthesized and its physical properties evaluated and compared to those of 5CB. D5CB retains physical properties similar to those of 5CB, such as phase transition temperatures, dielectric constants, and refractive indices. An outstanding feature of D5CB is that it exhibits a much cleaner and reduced infrared absorption. Perdeuteration, therefore, extends the usable range of liquid crystals to the mid infrared by significantly reducing the… CONTINUE READING
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