Percutaneous retrieval of lost or misplaced intravascular objects.

  title={Percutaneous retrieval of lost or misplaced intravascular objects.},
  author={Andreas Gabelmann and S K Kramer and J Gorich},
  journal={AJR. American journal of roentgenology},
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OBJECTIVE We report on our experience with percutaneous interventional techniques for retrieval of intravascular foreign bodies or repositioning of misplaced endovascular prostheses. MATERIALS AND METHODS Over a period of 6 years, we attempted percutaneous treatment of intravascular foreign bodies in 45 patients. The 45 foreign objects consisted of 12 endovascular stents, 14 catheter fragments, 11 embolization coils, four guidewire fragments, three vena cava filters, and one cardiac valve… CONTINUE READING