Percutaneous removal of residual intrahepatic stones.

  title={Percutaneous removal of residual intrahepatic stones.},
  author={Jae Hyung Park and Buyng Ihn Choi and Man Chung Han and Kyu Bo Sung and In Wook Choo and Chang Won Kim},
  volume={163 3},
In the Orient there is a high frequency of residual intrahepatic stones after biliary tract surgery. Percutaneous removal of residual intrahepatic stones was attempted in a group of 74 patients. Stones were exclusively intrahepatic in 57 patients, whereas 17 patients also had stones in the common bile duct. Biliary strictures were present in 60 cases (81%). A combination of techniques was used, including preshaped angulated catheters, irrigation-suction, balloon dilation of strictures, and… CONTINUE READING
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