Percutaneous removal of biliary stones

  title={Percutaneous removal of biliary stones},
  author={Prof Giovanni Gandini and Dorico Righi and Daniele Regge and Serafino Recchia and Arnaldo Ferraris and Gian Ruggero Fronda},
  journal={CardioVascular and Interventional Radiology},
Since 1983 we have performed percutaneous treatment of biliary lithiasis in 97 patients. Previous retrograde endoscopic procedures were incomplete or infeasible in all patients. Immediate results were excellent resulting in complete resolution of lithiasis in 89 of 97 patients (92%). In 4 patients (4%) partial success was obtained (symptoms subsided although there were nonobstructing residual stones). Percutaneous treatment failed in 1 patient (1%). Three patients died. Complications occurred… CONTINUE READING

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