Percutaneous pinning of the proximal humerus.

  title={Percutaneous pinning of the proximal humerus.},
  author={Nabil A. Ebraheim and Flora S Y Wong and A. K. Biyani},
  journal={American journal of orthopedics},
  volume={25 7},
  pages={500, 501, 506}
Percutaneous pinning, which has been recommended for unstable, unimpacted two-part fractures of the proximal humerus, requires satisfactory closed reduction and maintenance of reduction with minimum arm movement. Most surgeons usually keep the image intensifier in the anteroposterior (AP) plane and rotate the arm to obtain a second view. This arm movement may render closed reduction and percutaneous pin fixation difficult. A four-step technique that facilitates closed reduction and percutaneous… CONTINUE READING

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