Percutaneous Treatment of Lymphatic Malformations.


Lymphatic malformations are slow-flow vascular anomalies composed of dilated lymphatic channels and cysts of varying sizes. Percutaneous treatments, particularly sclerotherapy, play an important role in the treatment of these lesions, often obviating the need for surgical intervention. Owing to the complex nature of these lesions, a multidisciplinary… (More)
DOI: 10.1053/j.tvir.2016.10.001


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@article{Acord2016PercutaneousTO, title={Percutaneous Treatment of Lymphatic Malformations.}, author={Michael R Acord and Abhay Simha Srinivasan and Anne Marie Cahill}, journal={Techniques in vascular and interventional radiology}, year={2016}, volume={19 4}, pages={305-311} }