Percolation thresholds on high-dimensional D_{n} and E_{8}-related lattices.

  title={Percolation thresholds on high-dimensional D\_\{n\} and E\_\{8\}-related lattices.},
  author={Yi Hu and Patrick Charbonneau},
  journal={Physical review. E},
  volume={103 6-1},
The site and bond percolation problems are conventionally studied on (hyper)cubic lattices, which afford straightforward numerical treatments. The recent implementation of efficient simulation algorithms for high-dimensional systems now also facilitates the study of D_{n} root lattices in n dimensions as well as E_{8}-related lattices. Here, we consider the percolation problem on D_{n} for n=3 to 13 and on E_{8} relatives for n=6 to 9. Precise estimates for both site and bond percolation… 
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