Percolation of diffusional creep: a new universality class.

  title={Percolation of diffusional creep: a new universality class.},
  author={Ying Chen and Christopher A. Schuh},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={98 3},
We study the percolation aspects of diffusional "Coble" creep on heterogeneous grain boundary networks, assuming free grain boundary sliding. A novel percolation threshold is obtained for the honeycomb lattice when two representative types of grain boundaries are randomly distributed, p(cc)=0.5416+/-0.0036. The creep viscosity diverges near the percolation threshold with power-law exponents t=1.69+/-0.09 and s=1.88+/-0.12, different from the standard conduction and rigidity percolation… CONTINUE READING