Perchlorate reduction by hydrogen autotrophic bacteria in a bioelectrochemical reactor.

  title={Perchlorate reduction by hydrogen autotrophic bacteria in a bioelectrochemical reactor.},
  author={Zichao Wang and Mengchun Gao and Youjun Zhang and Zonglian She and Yun Ren and Zhe Wang and Congcong Zhao},
  journal={Journal of environmental management},
The autotrophic hydrogen reduction of perchlorate was investigated in batch modes in a proton-exchange membrane bioelectrochemical reactor. The phylogenic characterization of hydrogen-autotrophic perchlorate-reducing cultures in the cathode cell mainly included the genera Aureibacter tunicatorum, Fulvivirga kasyanovii, Thermotalea metallivorans (T), bacterium WHC2-6, and Thauera sp. Q20-C. The suitable H2SO4 supplement concentration was identified to be between 0.04 and 0.05 mol L(-1) in the… CONTINUE READING
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