Perceptual integration without conscious access

  title={Perceptual integration without conscious access},
  author={Johannes J. Fahrenforta and Jonathan van Leeuwena and Christian N. L. Oliversa and Hinze Hogendoornb},
  • Johannes J. Fahrenforta, Jonathan van Leeuwena, +1 author Hinze Hogendoornb
  • Published 2017
The visual system has the remarkable ability to integrate fragmentary visual input into a perceptually organized collection of surfaces and objects, a process we refer to as perceptual integration. Despite a long tradition of perception research, it is not known whether access to consciousness is required to complete perceptual integration. To investigate this question, we manipulated access to consciousness using the attentional blink. We show that, behaviorally, the attentional blink impairs… CONTINUE READING