Perceptual dominance time distributions in multistable visual perception

  title={Perceptual dominance time distributions in multistable visual perception},
  author={Y. H. Zhou and Jianbo Gao and Keith D. White and I. Merk and Kung Yao},
  journal={Biological Cybernetics},
Perceptual multistability, alternative perceptions of an unchanging stimulus, gives important clues to neural dynamics. The present study examined 56 perceptual dominance time series for a Necker cube stimulus, for ambiguous motion, and for binocular rivalry. We made histograms of the perceptual dominance times, based on from 307 to 2478 responses per time series (median=612), and compared these histograms to gamma, lognormal and Weibull fitted distributions using the Kolmogorov–Smirnov… CONTINUE READING


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