Perceptual Scale-Space and Its Applications

  title={Perceptual Scale-Space and Its Applications},
  author={Yizhou Wang and Siavosh Bahrami and Song-Chun Zhu},
  journal={Tenth IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV'05) Volume 1},
  pages={58-65 Vol. 1}
When an image is viewed at varying resolutions, it is known to create discrete perceptual jumps or transitions amid the continuous intensity changes. In this paper, we study a perceptual scale-space theory which differs from the traditional image scale-space theory in two aspects. (i) In representation, the perceptual scale-space adopts a full generative model. From a Gaussian pyramid it computes a sketch pyramid where each layer is a primal sketch representation (Guo et al. in Comput. Vis… CONTINUE READING
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