Perceptual Issues of a Passive Haptics Feedback Based MR System

  title={Perceptual Issues of a Passive Haptics Feedback Based MR System},
  author={Zhizhuo Yang and Dongdong Weng and Zhenliang Zhang and Yufeng Li and Yue Liu},
  journal={2016 IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR-Adjunct)},
This paper introduces a unique type of mixed reality system based on passive-haptic feedback, which enables its user to manipulate real objects with bare hands while seeing its counterpart in the HMD with more information attached. The system provides users in MR systems with a more realistic sense of touch and costs less money comparing to the active force feedback devices. In this paper, accuracy of tactile and visual perception in user interaction with real objects in close range MR… CONTINUE READING