Perceptual Analysis of Speech Signals from People with Parkinson's Disease

  title={Perceptual Analysis of Speech Signals from People with Parkinson's Disease},
  author={Juan R. Orozco-Arroyave and Juli{\'a}n D. Arias-Londo{\~n}o and Jesus Francisco Vargas Bonilla and Elmar N{\"o}th},
Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative disorder of the nervous central system and it affects the limbs motor control and the communication skills of the patients. The evolution of the disease can get to the point of affecting the intelligibility of the patient’s speech. The treatments of the PD are mainly focused on improving limb symptoms and their impact on speech production is still unclear. Considering the impact of the PD in the intelligibility of the patients, this paper explores… CONTINUE READING
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