Perceptions of practicing CNSs about their future role.


With the evolution of the clinical nurse specialist (CNS) and nurse practitioner (NP) roles and with the changes in the healthcare delivery system, recent debate in advanced practice nursing has centered on blending or merging the roles to meet future healthcare needs. To determine the views of CNSs, the University of Texas at Houston Health Science Center School of Nursing conducted a survey of 80 nurses (all active graduate program preceptors) functioning in the CNS role in the Houston area. Respondents were asked whether they felt the role should be deleted or merged, their ideas for the future of the role, and how education could better prepare the CNS student. Forty-two questionnaires were returned (53% return). Twenty-nine (71%) respondents did not want the role deleted, seven (17%) favored deletion of the CNS role, five (12%) favored blending the CNS and NP roles, and one (0.02%) suggested the title of acute care nurse practitioner. Although the survey's results did not show overwhelming support for either deletion or merging of the CNS role, valuable information was gathered from the responses. The CNS community identified recommendations that will help shape our focus for practice and guide us in educational design in curriculum revision.

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