Perceptions of lawyers—a transnational study of student views on the image of law and lawyers

  title={Perceptions of lawyers—a transnational study of student views on the image of law and lawyers},
  author={M. Asimow and S. Greenfield and Guillermo Jorge and S. Machura and G. Osborn and P. Robson and Cassandra E Sharp and R. Sockloskie},
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This article reports a survey of first year law students (1Ls) on their first day of class in the United States, England, Scotland, Germany, Australia, and Argentina. The survey asked about the 1L's opinions of the prestige and honor of lawyers and whether lawyers deserve their incomes. It revealed that 1Ls had quite low opinions about whether lawyers were honorable, sometimes lower than the opinions held by the general public. The survey also inquired about the sources of information students… Expand
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