Perception of pregnant women and primiparous puerperas on maternity

  title={Perception of pregnant women and primiparous puerperas on maternity},
  author={Rafael Fernandes Demarchi and Vagner Ferreira do Nascimento and Ang{\'e}lica Pereira Borges and Ana C.P. Terças and Taiana Aparecida Duarte Grein and {\'E}rica Baggio},
  journal={Journal of Nursing Ufpe Online},
800x600 ABSTRACT Objective: to investigate the perception of pregnant women and primiparous mothers on maternity. Method: exploratory-descriptive study, qualitative approach according to Peplau's Theory of Interpersonal Relationships. Participants were primiparous, interviewed in the third trimester of gestation and in the late puerperium period, from a semi-structured interview. In the analysis of the information the technique of Analysis of content in the modality Categorical Analysis was… 

Maternal difficulties in home care for newborns

It was observed that both primiparous and multiparous women had a very high percentage of difficulties related to care, however, primigravid women showed greater obstacles in the care related to bathing and belching while multiparrous women reported greater obstacles during breastfeeding.

What matters to women in the postnatal period: A meta-synthesis of qualitative studies

Evidence is provided that what matters to women in the postnatal period is achieving positive motherhood, as well as fulfilling adaptation to changed intimate and family relationships, and (re)gaining health and wellbeing for both their baby, and themselves.

Psychometric Properties of the Functional Social Support Domain of Perinatal Infant Care Social Support

The robust psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the functional social support domain of PICSS, translated into Spanish and adapted for first-time mothers of term babies, may be used to identify thefunctional social support in the mothers.

A experiência do puerpério para as famílias: revisão integrativa

Objetivo: sistematizar as evidencias disponiveis na literatura sobre a experiencia do puerperio para as familias. Metodologia: revisao integrativa nas bases: Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval

Aspectos percibidos por las madres primerizas como favorecedores en la adopción de su nuevo rol

Introduccion : La madre primeriza se enfrenta a grandes cambios en su nuevo rol y es necesario conocer los aspectos que lo favorecen para disenar intervenciones de apoyo. Objetivo: Explorar los

The Prenatal Primary Nursing Care Experience of Pregnant Women in Contexts of Vulnerability

It is identified that the women's experience is shaped by the prenatal care, and a theoretical model is proposed to guide nurses, promoting person-centered delivery of prenatal care.



PRENATAL CARE IN THE PERCEPTION OF POSTPARTUM WOMEN FROM DIFFERENT HEALTH SERVICES Assistência pré-natal na percepção de puérperas provenientes de diferentes serviços de saúde

In this sense, intensify the educational process among the pregnant women may improve the care quality, eliminate the lack of prenatal and decrease maternal and infant morbimortality rates in the municipality.

Paternity in adolescence: expectations and feelings face to this reality

This process entails significant changes in the adolescent's life, making imperative the need of health services and society offer a specialized attention to this public.

Nursing Diagnosis NANDA in Puerperium at the immediate and late

The results indicate areas for the aiming of the nursing actions at pre-birth and puerperium and the accomplishment necessity nearest of the puerPeral preview the politics of the health.

Women´s expectations and evaluation of a maternal educational program

Newborn care was the type of subject mainly demanded by the women in the ME program and evaluated as being a useful program, while women evaluated ME as being of little or no usefulness or benefit.

Single mother's expectations and feelings regarding their babies

Pregnancy is a complex experience for the woman and several factors may facilitate or harm the course of this process. The literature suggests that parental support during pregnancy is crucial in

Contributions of the nursing intervention in primary healthcare for the promotion of breastfeeding.

The intervention that began in the prepartum and continued into the postpartum period, using various strategies and intervention contexts had significant effects on the duration of breastfeeding, which was not verified in the prevalence.

Women's care during home visits for the "First Comprehensive Healthcare Week".

The need to establish a routine home visit plan to solve the issues of women with high-risk pregnancies after labour is stressed.

Postpartum primipara at home and associated nursing care: Grounded Theory

Objetivo: Interpretar como a puerpera primipara vivencia o cuidado no contexto domiciliar. Metodo: Pesquisa qualitativa, que utilizou como metodo a Teoria Fundamentada nos Dados, desenvolvida no

Feelings and perspectives lived deeply by the primipara adolescent with regard to childbirth

Objetivou-se conhecer os sentimentos e expectativas vivenciadas por primigestas adolescentes no terceiro trimestre de gravidez com relacao ao parto. Estudo qualitativo, realizado nos meses de janeiro