Perception of anticipatory coarticulation effects.

  title={Perception of anticipatory coarticulation effects.},
  author={James Martin and H. Timothy Bunnell},
  journal={The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America},
  volume={69 2},
Articulatory and acoustic studies have shown that the effects of anticipatory coarticulation may extend across several segments in an utterance. But previous perceptual studies suggest that only the information carried by immediately adjacent segments is used in perception. To show that perception is not so limited, we persuaded ten talkers each to produce 12 sentences (e.g., "I say poozee") of the form "I say /C V1 z V2/" in which C was /p, t, k/, V1 was /u, ae/, and V2 was /i, a/. Each /i, a… CONTINUE READING

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