Perception of Students in using Smart Phones for Educational Purposes


A change in technology provided the birth of high speed internet access and its availability has opened several new avenues for learning activity worldwide on recently evolved smart phones. The reasons behind are due to their enhanced features such as computing power, increased storage capacity, attractive interface, Wi-Fi connectivity and upload capabilities. The growing popularity of these smart phones among the youth can potentially revolutionize the way they learn. Needs and expectations of the society are changing very fast and the quality of higher education requires to be sustained at the desired level. The purpose of this study is to explore on smart phones and the use of the smart phone in Engineering Education during learning activity as a tool to find information by the students. This paper discusses the Perception of Students in Using Smart Phones in engineering education. The survey was carried out on 85 engineering students (both Degree and Diploma level) through questionnaire at INTI International University, Malaysia. The result showed the positive potentials and capabilities of the smart phones used in the engineering education. This indicates that engineering education could advantage from utilizing these new technological tools. Also this paper presents both opportunities and limitations for incorporating smart phones in engineering education learning environments.

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