Perceived visual quality metric based on error spread and contrast

  title={Perceived visual quality metric based on error spread and contrast},
  author={Susu Yao and Weisi Lin and Susanto Rahardja and Xiao Lin and Ee Ping Ong and Zhongkang Lu and Xiaokang Yang},
  journal={2005 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems},
  pages={3793-3796 Vol. 4}
This paper presents a new objective visual quality metric based on the measurement of error spread and isotropic local contrast of the image. It is shown that error spread is a reasonable measure for perceived visual quality while the image contrast is a content indicator for different images. The performance of the proposed method is shown to be superior compared to the 9 proponents in VQEG Phase I test dataset and another recently reported method in terms of prediction accuracy, monotonicity… CONTINUE READING

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