Perceived submaximal force production in young adults.

  title={Perceived submaximal force production in young adults.},
  author={Allen W. Jackson and Andrew W Ludtke and Scott B. Martin and Lymperis P Koziris and Rod K. Dishman},
  journal={Research quarterly for exercise and sport},
  volume={77 1},
The purpose of this investigation was to examine the force production patterns using perceived stimulus cues from 10% to 90% of maximal force. In Experiment 1, 54 men (age: 19-34 years) and 53 women (age: 18-37years) performed leg extensions on a dynamometer at a speed of 60 degrees/s. Participants produced actual forces perceived to be 10-90% of maximal force in 10% increments followed by a maximal force. A 2-min rest interval was maintained between each increment. Participants rested 5 min… CONTINUE READING

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