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Perceção do suporte organizacional e burnout : ser bombeiro ou ser bancário

  title={Perceç{\~a}o do suporte organizacional e burnout : ser bombeiro ou ser banc{\'a}rio},
  author={F{\'a}bio Filipe Est{\^e}v{\~a}o Gomes},



Síndrome de Burnout em profissionais do Corpo de Bombeiros

This study intended evaluate three dimensions of burnout syndrome and correlate them with gender, age, education, job, working hours and working time in the organization. 54 professionals of the Fire

Threats of Workplace Violence and the Buffering Effect of Social Support

Based on the perspective of the psychological contract, this study among 2,782 constabulary officers tested the hypothesis that threats of workplace violence lead to reduced job investments (i.e.,

Informational support, equity and burnout: The moderating effect of self‐efficacy

The purpose of the present study among 114 maternity nurses was to determine whether perceived equity in the employee-employer exchange relationship is related to informational support from the

Firefighters’ Psychological and Physical Outcomes After Exposure to Traumatic Stress: The Moderating Roles of Hope and Personality

Impacts of traumatic stress on psychological and physical outcomes were investigated in a moderated mediation model. Two groups of firefighters participated. The trauma group participated in the Wo...

Job burnout.

The focus on engagement, the positive antithesis of burnout, promises to yield new perspectives on interventions to alleviate burnout.

The impact of interpersonal environment on burnout and organizational commitment

Summary Organizational commitment and burnout were related to interpersonal relationships of nurses in a small general hospital. Regular communication contacts among personnel were differentiated as

Dealing with Work Stress and Strain: Is the Perception of Support more Important than its Use?

The authors conducted a study of the relationship between the perception and use of support in one's work environment and their effects on perceived stress and strain. The analytic sample consisted


Banking, like other services, has become one of the highly competitive sectors in India. The banking organizations, since the beginning of this decade, have been facing greater challenges in terms of

Helping Coworkers and Helping the Organization: The Role of Support Perceptions, Exchange Ideology, and Conscientiousness1

This study examined 2 types of organizational citizenship behaviors: those that benefit the organization, and those that benefit one's coworkers. Parallel hypotheses were developed that predicted

Perceived organizational support: a review of the literature.

The authors reviewed more than 70 studies concerning employees' general belief that their work organization values their contribution and cares about their well-being (perceived organizational