PerDiS: Design, Implementation, and Use of a PERsistent DIstributed Store

  title={PerDiS: Design, Implementation, and Use of a PERsistent DIstributed Store},
  author={Paulo Jos{\'e} Azevedo Vianna Ferreira and Marc Shapiro and Xavier Blondel and Olivier Fambon and Jo{\~a}o Garcia and Sytse Kloosterman and Nicolas Richer and Marcus Roberts and Fadi Sandakly and George Coulouris and Jean Dollimore and Paulo Guedes and Daniel Hagimont and Sacha Krakowiak},
  booktitle={Advances in Distributed Systems},
The PerDiS (Persistent Distributed Store) project addresses the issue of providing support for distributed collaborative engineering applications. We describe the design and implementation of the PerDiS platform, and its support for such applications. Collaborative engineering raises systems issues related to the sharing of large volumes of ne-grain… CONTINUE READING



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