Perícias forenses: análise dos laudos toxicológicos no estado do Ceará / Forensic expertise: analysis of toxicological releases in the state of Ceará

  title={Per{\'i}cias forenses: an{\'a}lise dos laudos toxicol{\'o}gicos no estado do Cear{\'a} / Forensic expertise: analysis of toxicological releases in the state of Cear{\'a}},
  author={Rom{\^e}nio Nogueira Borges and Karla Bruna Torres and Edilson Martins Rodrigues Neto and Maria Melo and Sandna Larissa Freitas dos Santos and Isabel Cristina Oliveira de Morais and D.D.P. Magalh{\~a}es and Andr{\'e}a Luiza Saboya},
Objective: The objective of the research was to know the profile of toxicological analyzes of psychoactive substances post mortem carried out at PEFOCE in 2016. Methods: The study was of the retrospective, transversal type with a descriptive character, consisting of a predominantly quantitative approach. From the reports in which it was positive for the presence of psychoactive in a post mortem biological sample, the information of interest was collected, and when the cause mortis was related… 


Perfil clínico e sociodemográfico de adolescentes que permaneceram e não permaneceram no tratamento em um CAPSad de Cuiabá/MT
OBJECTIVE: Compare clinical and sociodemographic profile of adolescents who stayed and did not stay in treatment at Centro de Atencao Psicossocial para Alcool e outras Drogas (CAPSad). METHOD: A
Diretrizes para o tratamento de pacientes com síndrome de dependência de opióides no Brasil
This guideline aims at providing guidance to psychiatrists and other mental health professionals who care for patients with Opioid Dependence Syndrome by commenting on the somatic and psychosocial treatment that is used for such patients, and reviews scientific evidences and their strength.
Demographics and post-mortem toxicology findings in deaths among people arrested multiple times for use of illicit drugs and/or impaired driving.
This study shows that people arrested multiple times for use of illicit drugs and/or impaired driving are more likely to die by accidentally overdosing with drugs.
Cocaine postmortem distribution in three brain structures: a comparison with whole blood and vitreous humour.
The comparison of cocaine levels in different compartments is essential to assess the cause of death and the comparison of COC/benzoylecgonine ratios in different experimental specimens proved to be more appropriate for evaluating cocaine-related death than individual drug values.
Mortality risk in a sample of emergency department patients who use cocaine with alcohol and/or cannabis.
ED patients who use cannabis and cocaine have higher mortality risks than other patients, and it is necessary to determine whether this result is stable across racial/ethnic groups.
Redistribuição da cocaína e sua influência na neuroquímica post mortem
A interpretacao dos achados laboratoriais no estabelecimento da causa mortis consiste na integracao dos conhecimentos sobre a toxicocinetica e toxicodinâmica do agente, conhecimentos de sua
Perfil dos usuários de substâncias psicoativas de João Pessoa
Objetiva-se descrever o perfil dos usuarios de substâncias psicoativas de Joao Pessoa com dados de 706 usuarios, analisados no R Project, aplicando o Qui-quadrado. Em sua maioria, os usuarios eram do
Uso e abuso dos benzodiazepínicos: revisão bibliográfica para os Profissionais de Saúde da Atenção Básica
Este estudo, cuja motivacao teve origem na pratica diaria de uma Unidade Basica de Saude, tem como objetivo realizar uma revisao de literatura sobre o consumo abusivo de benzodiazepinicos por
The United Nations
IT is probably true to say that the prestige of the United Nations Organisation has fallen as much in twelve months as that of the League of Nations fell in as many years. Disillusionment and
Análise toxicológica da cocaína e dos seus metabólitos em contexto forense. Dissertação (Mestrado)
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