Peptide synthetase gene in Trichoderma virens.

  title={Peptide synthetase gene in Trichoderma virens.},
  author={S E Wilhite and R D Lumsden and David C. Straney},
  journal={Applied and environmental microbiology},
  volume={67 11},
  • S E Wilhite, R D Lumsden, David C. Straney
  • Published 2001 in Applied and environmental microbiology
Trichoderma virens (synonym, Gliocladium virens), a deuteromycete fungus, suppresses soilborne plant diseases caused by a number of fungi and is used as a biocontrol agent. Several traits that may contribute to the antagonistic interactions of T. virens with disease-causing fungi involve the production of peptide metabolites (e.g., the antibiotic gliotoxin and siderophores used for iron acquisition). We cloned a 5,056-bp partial cDNA encoding a putative peptide synthetase (Psy1) from T. virens… CONTINUE READING