Peptide profiling of cerebrospinal fluid by mass spectrometry.

  title={Peptide profiling of cerebrospinal fluid by mass spectrometry.},
  author={Lennard J. Dekker and Peter C. Burgers and Johan M. Kros and Peter A. E. Sillevis Smitt and Theo M. Luider},
  journal={Expert review of proteomics},
  volume={3 3},
The search for biomarkers is driven by the increasing clinical importance of early diagnosis. Reliable biomarkers can also assist in directing therapy, monitoring disease activity and the efficacy of treatment. In addition, the discovery of novel biomarkers might provide clues to the pathogenesis of a disease. The dynamic range of protein concentrations in body fluids exceeds 10 orders of magnitude. These huge differences in concentrations complicate the detection of proteins with low… CONTINUE READING

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