Peptide-nanoparticle hybrid SERS probes for optical detection of protease activity.

  title={Peptide-nanoparticle hybrid SERS probes for optical detection of protease activity.},
  author={Gang Logan Liu and Yazm{\'i}n T Rosa-Bauz{\'a} and Cleo M. Salisbury and Charles S. Craik and Jonathan A Ellman and F. Frank Chen and Luke P. Lee},
  journal={Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology},
  volume={7 7},
Real-time in situ detection of active proteases is crucial for early-stage cancer screening and cell signaling pathway study; however, it is difficult to achieve using fluorescence or radioactive probes at volumes below 1 nL. Here we demonstrated a hybrid optical probe by incorporating nanocrescent particle and peptides with artificial tag molecules. We performed a proof-of-concept study using prostate specific antigen (PSA), one of the most prominent prostate cancer markers, and a serine… CONTINUE READING