Peptide motifs of HLA-B35 and-B37 molecules

  title={Peptide motifs of HLA-B35 and-B37 molecules},
  author={Kirsten Falk and Olaf Roetzschke and Bla{\vz}enka Grahovac and Dolores J. Schendel and Stefan Stevanovi{\'c} and Guenther Jung and Hans-Georg Rammensee},
MHC molecules are peptide receptors of peculiar specificity (Falk et al. 1991; for review, see Rammensee et al. 1993). Each MHC allelic product has its individual peptide specificity, summarized as a peptide motif that is characterized by the position and occupancy of anchor residues whose side chains protrude into complementary pockets inside the peptide-accomodating groove of the respective MHC molecule. Many class I molecules, in addition, show a preferential peptide length. The most… CONTINUE READING


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