Peptide motifs of HLA-A1,-A11,-A31, and-A33 molecules

  title={Peptide motifs of HLA-A1,-A11,-A31, and-A33 molecules},
  author={Kirsten Falk and Olaf Roetzschke and Masafumi Takiguchi and Bla{\vz}enka Grahovac and Volker Gnau and Stefan Stevanovi{\'c} and Guenther Jung and H. -G. Rammensee},
As a source of HLA-A molecules, the human B-cell line C1R (Alexander et al. 1990; Zemmour et al. 1992) transfected with the respective genes was used. C1R cells do not express HLA-A or -B molecules on their own, with the exception of small amounts of HLA-B35 (Zemmour et al. 1992). In addition, C1R cells express HLA-Cw4. C1R-A1 cells were a gift of R Romero, Lausanne; C1R-All (A*ll01), C1R-A31 (A*3101), and C1R-A33 (A'3302; Kato et al. 1993), each highly expressing the respective molecules, were… CONTINUE READING
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