Peptide inhibitors of plasmin.

  title={Peptide inhibitors of plasmin.},
  author={Krystyna Midura-Nowaczek and Irena Bruzgo and Wiesława Roszkowska-Jakimiec and Krzysztof Worowski},
  journal={Acta poloniae pharmaceutica},
  volume={47 1-2},
Seven peptides of the general formula A-Phe-Lys-X or A-Phe-NH-(CH2)5-NH2 where A = Glp or Ala, X = -OH, -NHC7H15 or -OC7H15 were obtained. The peptide H-Ala-Phe-Lys-NHC7H15 markedly inhibits the fibrinolytic activity of plasmin. The antifibrinolytic activity of the peptide Glp-Phe-Lys-OC7H15 is similar to EACA. The both peptides only slightly activate the caseinolytic activity of plasmin. 
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