Peptide-grafted nanodiamonds: preparation, cytotoxicity and uptake in cells.

  title={Peptide-grafted nanodiamonds: preparation, cytotoxicity and uptake in cells.},
  author={St{\'e}phanie Vial and Christelle Mansuy and Sandrine Sagan and Th{\'e}ano Irinopoulou and Fabienne Burlina and Jean-Paul Boudou and G{\'e}rard Chassaing and Solange Lavielle},
  journal={Chembiochem : a European journal of chemical biology},
  volume={9 13},
Nanodiamonds that were prepared by high pressure/high temperature were functionalized with biomolecules for biological applications. Nanodiamonds (NDs, < or =35 nm) that were coated by silanization or with polyelectrolyte layers were grafted with a fluorescent thiolated peptide via a maleimido function; this led to an aqueous colloidal suspension that was stable for months. These substituted NDs were not cytotoxic for CHO cells. Their capacity to enter mammalian cells, and their localisation… CONTINUE READING
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