People who feel harassed need a complaint system with both formal and informal options

  title={People who feel harassed need a complaint system with both formal and informal options},
  author={Mary P. Rowe},
  journal={Negotiation Journal},
  • M. Rowe
  • Published 1 April 1990
  • Law
  • Negotiation Journal
Wkh increasing diversi~ in the U.S. workforce. lawmakers. the corporate world, scholars and tie geneml public me all showing increasing interest in pnwenting and dealing with hamssment. particularly sem.ud and racial harassment. Because perception of harassment is intrinsic to the deftition of the offense of haramment, it is necess~ to have an undemanding of hose who experience the problem, (Hasammem is an unusual “wrong”’: h exists in part in the eye of the person wronged, rather than having a… 
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Simmel, G. ( 1904). CmrJ/icf and fhe web of group @liwhm Glencoe, IL: Free Press. S!rmrs, M., Genes. R., & Sleimndz, R. ( 1980). lJrhiml clo.rt’d doors: Vio/cme in the Americcm /umily. New York:
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The alternative dispute resolution movement has been heavily influenced by a particular vision of conflict, known as the dispute processing paradigm, which describes disputing behavior primarily in
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