People and process


When Mike Hammer and I published <em>Reengineering the Corporation</em> in 1992, we understood the impact that real business process change would have on people. I say &#8220;real&#8221; process change, because managers have used the term <em>reengineering</em> to describe any and all corporate change programs&#8212;even downsizings. One misguided executive told me that his company did not know how to do real reengineering; so it just downsized large departments and business units, and expected that the people who were left would figure out how to get their work done. Sadly, this is how some companies still practice process redesign&#8212;leaving people overworked and demoralized, while customers experience bad service and poor quality. I am reminded of poorly managed mergers and consolidations in the retail banking industry and what employees and customers have suffered.

DOI: 10.1145/1122674.1122687

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