Pentaquark spectroscopy : exotic Θ baryons

  title={Pentaquark spectroscopy : exotic Θ baryons},
  author={Roelof Bijker and Mary Margaret Giannini and E. Santopinto},
We propose a collective stringlike model of q 4 ¯ q pentaquarks with the geometry of an equilateral tetrahedron in which the four quarks are located at the four corners and the antiquark in its center. The nonplanar equilibrium configuration is a consequence of the permutation symmetry of the four quarks. In an application to the spectrum of exotic Θ baryons, we find that the ground state pentaquark has angular momentum and parity J p = 1/2 − and a small magnetic moment of 0.382 µ N. The decay… CONTINUE READING

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