Penrose Limits of Orbifolds and Orientifolds

  title={Penrose Limits of Orbifolds and Orientifolds},
  author={Emmanuel Floratos and Alex Kehagias},
We study the Penrose limit of various AdSp × Sq orbifolds. The limiting spaces are waves with parallel rays and singular wave fronts. In particular, we consider the orbifolds AdS3 × S3/Γ, AdS5 × S5/Γ and AdS4,7 × S7,4/Γ where Γ acts on the sphere and/or the AdS factor. In the pp-wave limit the wave fronts are the orbifolds C2/Γ, C4/Γ and R × C4/Γ, respectively. When desingularization is possible, we get asymptotically locally pp-wave backgrounds (ALpp). The Penrose limit of orientifolds are… CONTINUE READING
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