Penrose Limits of Lie Branes and a Nappi – Witten Braneworld

  title={Penrose Limits of Lie Branes and a Nappi – Witten Braneworld},
  author={Sonia Stanciu and JOS{\'E} FIGUEROA-O’FARRILL},
Departing from the observation that the Penrose limit of AdS3×S3 is a group contraction in the sense of Inönü and Wigner, we explore the relation between the symmetric D-branes of AdS3×S3 and those of its Penrose limit, a six-dimensional symmetric plane wave analogous to the four-dimensional Nappi– Witten spacetime. Both backgrounds are Lie groups admitting bi-invariant lorentzian metrics and symmetric D-branes wrap their (twisted) conjugacy classes. We determine the (twisted and untwisted… CONTINUE READING

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